15 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500 You Should Buy

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

When you are having a party, or simply want to listen to your favorite music in the privacy of your own home, you need speakers. Speakers come in many different shapes and sizes; some connect to iPods while others can be used with high-end stereos. Floor standing speakers give a whole new meaning to sound quality and they’re great for any room in your house! If you’re looking for the best floor standing speaker under $500 then check out this article!

Floor standing speakers are great because they don’t take up much space in your room due to their vertical design; many people like them since they look aesthetically pleasing as well. These types of speakers are designed for high-quality audio and can be placed in any room in your house. They will bring out the most beautiful sounds that you’ve ever heard before.

Looking for the best floor standing speakers under $500? If you’re looking to upgrade your current audio setup, there are a few things you should know before making a purchase. With this guide, you’ll learn all about these amazing pieces of technology so that you’ll know exactly how to pick out what’s right for you!


List of 15 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500 Reviews

1. Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speakers

  • Elevate your home audio experience with the Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speaker. Harnessing the power of Tractrix Horn Technology and Linear Travel Suspension (LTS), this speaker delivers an incredibly clear, dynamic, and detailed sound.
  • Additionally, the Kapton tweeter construction minimizes distortion for enhanced performance. With its premium build quality and advanced features, the Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speaker is perfect for any audiophile or music lover.
  • The Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speakers are professional-grade speaker that’s perfect for your home. The spun copper IMG woofers deliver exceptional low-frequency response, while the rear tractrix port provides ideal airflow and minimal distortion or turbulence. Plus, the Tractrix Horn-Loaded LTS Tweeter ensures high speaker efficiency.

2. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker

  • Elevate your home audio experience with the Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker. This top-of-the-line speaker is designed for professional-quality sound, delivering a rich and dynamic range of tones that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.
  • With a 1″ polyester main tweeter, ¾” super tweeter, 145W peak power, and 6 Ohm speaker impedance, this floor standing speaker under $500 is perfect for any audiophile or music enthusiast.
  • The Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker was designed with rich acoustics and a strong cabinet design in mind. The sound reproduction is up to 50 kHz, which means you can enjoy high-res audio with this speaker. It also includes a stereo floor-standing speaker pair bundle for your convenience.

3. Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker

  • The Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker is the perfect combination of style and performance. It’s Dolby Atmos ready, so you can enjoy immersive, cinematic sound quality in your home. Plus, it features a patent-pending seamless fastening system for quick and easy installation.
  • Looking for an audiophile-grade floor standing speaker under $500 that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than the Jamo Studio Series S809. These speakers utilize WaveGuide acoustic technology to deliver pristine sound, while the 25mm soft dome tweeter ensures sparkling highs.
  • The triple 102mm woofers provide deep, rich bass, making these speakers perfect for any music lover. Plus, the sleek black finish will look great in any home theater system.

4. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

  • Polk Audio’s Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker is perfect for serious listeners who want the best sound quality possible. With its 1″ Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and four 6.5″ Dynamic Balance woofers, it guarantees clear, crisp, and spacious stereo sound with wider dispersion for 3-dimensional audio.
  • It also delivers detailed high-frequency responses with realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments, making it the perfect choice for party and movie nights. Plus, at an affordable price, it’s within reach for anyone who wants to upgrade their audio experience.
  • The Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker is perfect for creating a complete and immersive home theater setup. It features Polk’s unyielding commitment to quality, reliability, and craftsmanship, making it one of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems. With its innovative technology, you can sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite music or movies with ease.

5. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 Floorstanding Speaker

  • ELAC’s latest 2.0 speaker system features an all-new tweeter design with a Wide-dispersion waveguide for detailed highs and a new woven Aramid-Fiber woofer for accurate bass response. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games, these speakers will bring your entertainment to life!
  • Engineered with a larger cabinet, this best floor standing speaker under $500 boasts greater sensitivity and bass response than its predecessor, making it perfect for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Boasting a sleek, modern design and finished in black ash vinyl, the ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 is sure to complement any home entertainment system.

6. JBL Studio 580 Dual 6.5-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker

  • Your music collection deserves the best that JBL has to offer. That’s why the JBL Studio 580 Dual 6.5-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker is perfect for delivering pure, accurate sound. With dual 6.5-inch low-frequency transducers and a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver, this best floor standing speaker under $500 gives you room-filling sound with stunning clarity and detail.
  • Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes or watching a movie, the JBL Studio 580 will faithfully reproduce every note or sound effect. So don’t settle for anything less – upgrade your audio experience with the JBL Studio 580 Dual 6.5-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker.
  • This beautifully designed speaker is made with high-quality materials, delivering exceptional sound quality that will make you feel like a professional audio engineer.
  • With its 3/4-inch ultra-ridged MDF enclosure and glass-filled ABS bi-radial high-frequency horn, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to experience professional-grade sound quality in the comfort of their own home.

7. Dayton Audio T652

  • The Dayton Audio T652 is a superb tower speaker that provides dual 6-1/2″ woofers for superior bass power and punches. The 5/8″ polycarbonate dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling ensures clear, crisp highs, while the slim-profile cabinet won’t overwhelm your room.
  • Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater system or just want better sound quality for listening to music, the Dayton Audio T652 is the perfect solution.
  • The Dayton Audio T652 is a great choice for those who want to add some serious bass to their music. This best floor-standing speaker under $500 delivers a deep, rich sound that will fill any room.
  • Plus, the clarity and detail you’ll get in this price class are exceptional. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your sound system, the T652 is definitely worth considering.

8. Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker

  • The Klipsch RP-280F floor standing speaker is the largest in the Reference Premiere family, delivering cinematic sound from two 8-Inch Cerametallic woofers and a Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter. With a 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn, this superb loudspeaker reproduces clear, powerful audio with stunning detail.
  • This best floor standing speaker under $500 features a new Tractrix Port for optimal airflow and a strong, flexible removable grille. The MDF cabinet with a brushed polymer veneer baffle finish is designed to perfectly match one of Klipsch’s Dolby Atmos elevation channel speakers to deliver overhead sound to your home theater. Add the RP-280F to your system today and enjoy the lifelike, professional-grade sound.

9. Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker

  • The Yamaha NS-F210BL is a two-way bass-reflex floor standing speaker under $500 that’s perfect for home theaters. With its slim design and heavy-duty bass stand, it can easily be matched to any flat-panel TV. Plus, the one speaker design makes setup a breeze!
  • This 2-way bass-reflex design delivers accurate sound with stunning realism. The light aluminum woofers respond quickly for dynamic audio reproduction, while the stylish black finish will look great in any room.
  • Plus, the included foot spikes ensure stable placement and optimum acoustic performance. So don’t miss out on this amazing sonic experience – order your Yamaha NS-F210BL floor-standing speaker today!

10. Polk Monitor XT70 Large Tower Speaker

  • Polk Monitor XT70 brings the high-performance and immersive sound you demand in a tower speaker. Blending seamlessly with any home décor, it features a 1″ tweeter, (2) 6.5″ Dynamically Balanced Woofers & (2) 8″ Passive Radiators that deliver open mid-range and responsive bass.
  • Its premium build quality and modern design make it an upgrade to the critically acclaimed Monitor series. Equipped with the latest innovations in affordable great sounding speakers, Polk Monitor XT70 is also Auro 3D compatible for an even more immersive experience from all inputs.
  • The Polk Monitor XT70 Large Tower Speaker is the perfect way to upgrade your audio experience. With easy setup and placement, this best floor standing speaker under $500 can be placed wherever you want for optimal sound. The timbre-matched design ensures seamless speaker-to-speaker blending, making it the perfect addition to any home theater system.

11. KLH Kendall 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker

  • The KLH Kendall 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality sound. Featuring woven Kevlar drivers and anodized aluminum dome tweeters, this best floor standing speaker under $500 delivers a dynamic, balanced, and detailed sound experience.
  • It also comes with a solid MDF plinth with chrome-plated floor spikes or rubber feet to provide added stability and proper decoupling from the floor. And best of all, it comes with KLH’s distinctive industry-leading 10-year warranty, offering long-term peace of mind.
  • With its natural detail and balance, and deep, wide soundstage, this speaker creates an immersive listening experience that will transport you into the heart of the action. And with its stylish, slim design and real wood veneer cabinets in Walnut, it’s a beautiful addition to any home entertainment system.

12. Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker

  • The Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker is in excellent condition and will look great in any home theater. With its clear, powerful sound and deep bass, this speaker is perfect for movie lovers and music enthusiasts alike. Plus, at 80% of its original capacity, the batteries are still going strong! Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.
  • The Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker is sure to please audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Engineered with a three-way design, this best floor standing speaker under $500 produces accurate sound reproduction with minimal distortion.
  • It also features an integrated Dolby Atmos module for immersive, object-based surround sound. Plus, the RP-8000F is built with high-quality materials for exceptional durability. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase within 90 days, we’ll replace it or refund your money – guaranteed.

13. Polk Signature Elite ES60 Tower Speaker

  • The Polk Signature Elite ES60 Tower Speaker is a high-performance speaker that delivers room-filling sound. The speaker features a Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array with 2.5-Way Cascading Crossovers, 1″ Terylene Tweeter, and 3) 6.5″ Woofers to create a life-like soundstage.
  • The best floor standing speaker under $500 also features Polk’s patented Power Port Technology to deliver 3dB louder bass than conventional ported speakers. The ES60 is ideal for music, movies, games, and more.
  • The Polk Signature Elite ES60 Tower Speaker is the perfect addition to your home theater. Its striking design will make a statement, while its dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts ensure efficient, lossless connection.
  • The ES60 floor standing speaker comes with rubber feet designed for both carpet and hard floors, providing improved stability and flexible placement. Tone-matched Polk components ensure seamless speaker-to-speaker performance.

14. Fluance SXHTBWH Elite High Definition Floor Standing Speaker

  • The Fluance SXHTBWH Elite High Definition Floor Standing Speaker is the perfect way to immerse yourself in your music. The expert timbre-matched 5 speaker system will surround you with every brilliant nuance, while the premium 1″ neodymium balanced silk dome tweeters and ferrofluid-cooled speakers provide a vibrant high-frequency response.
  • With 4″ poly-coated midrange drivers and butyl rubber surrounds, this best floor standing speaker under $500 delivers rich, clear sound performances that will envelop you in your favorite music.
  • Fluance SXHTBWH Elite High Definition Floor Standing Speakers are the perfect addition to any home theater or music enthusiasts setup. With dual 6.5″ woofers, you’ll experience high definition sound and optimal low-frequency response.
  • Plus, the precision-crafted engineered MDF wood construction will reduce cabinet resonance and reproduction of natural sound. And, for peace of mind, each speaker comes with a full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer’s direct warranty with lifetime customer support.

15. PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speaker

  • The PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and professional-grade speaker system. Featuring a ¾” black anodized aluminum dome tweeter with front waveguide, and a 5.25” textured polypropylene woofer with rubber surround, this best floor standing speaker under $500 system delivers unmatched sound quality and performance.
  • These beautiful speakers not only deliver amazing sound, but they also look great doing it. With their sleek design and gold-plated binding posts, they’ll complement any décor. Plus, the bass reflex cabinet and rear-firing port create deep, rich tones that will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of the action. So why wait? Order your Alpha T20 Tower Speakers today!

How to Choose the Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

The best floor standing speakers under $500 are usually considered as the best audio speakers for individuals who aren’t ready to invest more than that. It’s not uncommon for some people to find themselves in a position of having to purchase new speakers unexpectedly, but they have a limited budget. Well, don’t let it bother you because this guide is meant to ensure that you get yourself what you want without overspending.

2-way vs 3-way speakers

Although it may look like there is very little difference between two and three-way floor standing speakers under $500, the latter is far more effective, especially when paired with an external crossover network. So if your budget allows then go for 3-way models any day!


Most people care about the aesthetics of their speakers. Some are driven by colors while others are more interested in the material used to make the speaker’s cabinet. As for styles, there are different categories ranging from simple to traditional floor standing speakers with an elegant touch. There are also some models that have a modern design so choose something you will feel comfortable with aesthetically speaking.

Sound Quality

If sound quality is your priority then ensure that you check out reviews online before making any final decision or purchase. This way, you’ll be able to read unbiased opinions on what other individuals who’ve used various products had to say about them. Just remember that few manufacturers brag about how good their speakers sound because they only talk about specs and technical information. But you can look for the frequency range and how efficient a speaker is from user reviews.

Power Handling

If you’re going to be using a receiver with less than 100 watts of power then it’s recommended that you get yourself speakers that can handle at least 60 or 70 watts of RMS. In case your receiver has more juice under the hood, go for a set of floor-standing speakers under $500 with higher power handling capabilities.

Enclosure Type

This is a must-consider detail if you want to make sure your speakers sound good and deliver high-performance levels regardless of what kind of music genres you listen to most often or how loud volume levels are when watching movies or playing games. There are three main types: ported, acoustic suspension, and bass reflex.

Ported models have an opening in their enclosure which produces vibrations in the air, making the cabinet work like an amplifier. However, this impacts bass frequencies quite negatively. The second enclosure type doesn’t use porting but materials that are thicker to keep resonance at low levels even when volumes go up. And finally, bass-reflex models rely on specific configurations in order to deliver improved performance.

Driver Complement Size

The size of drivers plays a huge role when it comes to delivering better sound quality. If your room is large or if you like loud volume levels then you’ll need speakers with larger woofers and tweeters for improved performance .

Frequency Response Range

It’s best to go for floor standing speakers under $500 with an extended frequency response range because they can handle higher decibel ranges more efficiently compared to models with a shorter range. In some cases, manufacturers will indicate the frequency response by writing or specifying a range in Hertz (Hz) while others list it simply as “g Hz” which is short for Gigahertz .

Surround Speakers

Cables In most cases, surround speakers come free with 5.1 channel speaker systems, but you’ll have to check that out before purchasing them because there are some models sold separately from the main ones. The cables used to connect different types of speakers together can impact performance levels so always keep an eye out for high-quality cables .

Isolation Pads

This is yet another detail that isn’t mentioned on boxes or specifications lists because they aren’t part of the standard equipment shipped with floor-standing speakers under $500. When you place your speaker on a stand or directly on the floor, the vibrations traveling through the surface become amplified which impacts sound quality in an adverse way. You can get around this by purchasing isolation pads that will keep your speaker firmly in place without transferring any vibrations to its cabinet.

Frequently asked Question

1. Which floor-standing speakers are better, the bookshelf or floor-standing speaker?

It really depends on your preference. Some people prefer floor-standing speakers because not only do they deliver better sound but bookshelf speakers may take up too much space. On the other hand, some people like bookshelf speakers because floor standing speakers may be too heavy to be placed on furniture and you need a proper floor which can hold them up.

2. How much power should I use for floor-standing speakers?

The more wattage means that the best floor-standing speaker under $500 will be able to produce higher volume (volume is dependent on the crossover). But don’t go overboard. If you exceed 150 watts of power, floor-standing speakers may automatically adjust the volume according to the power it is currently getting.

3. Where can I buy floor-standing speakers for under $500?

You can either go for a floor-standing speaker that has been reviewed as a good floor standing speaker for this kind of price or you can take a look at other floor standing speakers which are on sale.

4. How do floor standing speakers work?

Audio signals coming from your receiver (or amplifier if you wish to be rather specific) are sent via wire connections to the floor standing speakers under $500. From there, these signals pass through various components like electro-magnets and voice coils before they produce sound waves which move the cones rapidly in order to produce sound waves.

5. Are floor-standing speakers are better than bookshelf speakers?

Most floor-standing speaker reviews would tell you that floor-standing speakers are indeed much better than bookshelf speakers. Although floor-standing speakers can be rather expensive, floor-standing speakers tend to produce more accurate sound.

6. What’s the difference between floor-standing and bookshelf speakers?

Floorstanding speakers are much bigger in size compared to bookshelf ones. They also have a very good bass response compared to bookshelf ones because floor-standing speaker drivers can be up to 12 inches whereas, for most bookshelf speaker drivers, they only go as big as 5 or 6 inches.

7. How do I hook up floor-standing speakers?

You need a receiver (preferably with a built-in amplifier) for floor-standing speakers. There are floor-standing speaker under $500 packages that have floor-standing speakers and receivers so you probably will not need to worry about this if you purchase a floor-standing speaker package.

8. What is the best way to hook up floor-standing speakers?

The best way to hook up floor-standing speakers would be via an RCA connection (this should come with your receiver). Floor standing speakers can also be hooked up via bare wire connections or banana plug connections (banana plugs are available at any good electronics store).


If you’re looking for a floor-standing speaker that will create an immersive sound experience without breaking the bank, we’ve got your back. These 17 best floor-standing speaker under $500 and offer great performance considering their price point. From brands like Klipsch & Polk Audio to Yamaha, these products should be able to satisfy any music lover’s needs with ease. Which of our picks would you choose?

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